ECM Variable Speed DC Blower Motors

ECM Variable Speed Motor

ECM motor, DC motor, variable speed motor, electrically efficient motor – all different names for similar types of the furnace motor. The main feature is the High energy efficiency, relative to conventional blower motors. But there are other significant benefits to consider.

The two main types are Constant Torque, often referred to as “electrically efficient”, or sometimes known as X13. Although very efficient in relation to conventional fan motors, X13 motors are about half as efficient as ECM Variable speed motors and are less capable of maintaining precision air flow.

ECM,  Variable Speed are fully variable and can be programmed to maintain constant air volumes, even in the most challenging duct systems. Rather than setting a speed, the motor is set to deliver the volume of air required for the utmost in system efficiency. The result is improved air flow and home comfort.

An added benefit to this technology is extraordinary reliability due to the brush less design and cool operation.

An ECM DC blower motor is an important and beneficial feature to consider when shopping for your next heating system.