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New York Thermal Boilers – Ottawa

High Efficiency Gas Boilers Ottawa

NY Thermal boilers are able to operate on natural gas or liquid propane. In Ottawa, NY Thermal Gas Boilers have proven to be a versatile and reliable residential boiler system for our clients. Among many features, NY Thermal Boilers have a modulation system that eliminates the need for additional models and maximizes efficiency. The State-of-the-art sealed modulation combustion system ensures minimum maintenance and maximum safety.

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Weil McLain Gas Boilers

Weil Mclean WM97 CT Wall Mount Gas Boiler

We offer a wide range of energy-efficient, high quality gas boilers for Ottawa residential heating. The Weil Mclain line of Gas Boilers is a line of boilers that can serve any Ottawa hydronic heating application. From radiators to fan coil units, to radiant heating applications, Weil Mclain has the ideal gas boiler, suitable for any residential or commercial boiler application.

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Hydronic Air Handler OttawaHybrid Hot Water Heating Heating

Ottawa home owners are increasing opting for hybrid residential boiler HVAC Systems. When building a new home or even in some retrofit HVAC systems, Hybrid HVAC can be a great solution. Hybrid hydronic heating is a relatively new HVAC term, referring to systems that can incorporate several functions required for a comfortable and healthy home. Whether custom built or a specialized integrated mechanical system (IMS), these HVAC systems provide the pinnacle of comfort and efficiency.

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Radiant Heating Systems – Ottawa

Radiant Heating Systems Ottawa

Radiant heating has been used since Roman times to provide heating in their bathhouses. The Koreans used radiant heating their royal palaces and traditional homes in this manner. Radiant heating technology of today has been greatly improved and can be used in all or part of our homes.

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Indirect Hot Water Heating

Indirect Water Heaters OttawaIdeal for homes with residential boilers using radiators or radiant heating, Indirect water heaters can be used with gas, oil or wood boilers to provide domestic hot water. Indirect water heaters have many advantages over separate space and water heating system, including much higher efficiency, less service and extremely long service life.

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