Gas Furnaces

A Gas Furnace Price in Ottawa that will make you smileThe most common form of home heating In Ottawa and Eastern Ontario area is with a forced-air gas furnace. Since 2009, only “Condensing” Gas Furnaces may be sold in Canada. The price of a gas furnace in Ottawa, depends on several factors specific to your home. Rebates are available on many models, reducing the overall installed furnace price.

Condensing Gas Furnaces

ECM Variable Speed Motor - Worth the additional furnace price

Condensing gas furnaces have minimum efficiency rating of 90%, meaning that at worst, 10 cents in fuel cost is lost to the venting and operation of the furnace. 90 Cents stays in your home, as opposed to as little as 55 Cents with some older models. The majority of gas furnace sales in Ottawa are over 95% efficient and incorporate high efficiency ECM Fan Motors which use as little as a third of the electricity of a conventional fan motor. The furnace price will be a little more, but the energy savings and improved air flow performance is significant.

Condensing Gas Furnace Venting

PVC Furnace Venting May affect the furnace price OttawaThe flue products produced by High Efficiency Condensing Gas Furnaces are cool enough to be vented out the side of the house through PVC plastic pipe . Most condensing gas furnaces are installed with a sealed combustion venting system, meaning  that they draw all the air required for combustion directly from outside. The operation of your new gas furnace no longer uses air from your home, that you have already paid to heat, just to exhaust it to the outside. Many furnace contractors in Ottawa try to save money by opting to still draw the air from the home, rather than put in the extra pipe. The furnace price may be a little lower, but your energy cost will be higher. Be sure you know which option your heating contractor is including in your furnace price!

FACT – If you have a heating system that is more than 15-20 years old, it is generally 55-60% efficient which means that you are only using 55-60% of every heating dollar.

Thermostats Matter!

Wi-Fi Connected ThermostatGas furnace prices in Ottawa will vary according to installation, brand and features. The advanced features, of today’s gas furnaces often require a matched thermostat to control these features. This will effect the overall installed furnace price. If you don’t need or want these features, don’t pay for furnace features that you can’t use.

What’s Included in the Furnace Price?

At Below Zero Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide furnace prices and options that include all details in writing including the appropriate thermostat to use for features available on that furnace model, and the entire scope of work that involved. Our quoted, installed furnace price is firm, with no “unexpected” extra costs on install day. All furnace installations are backed a comprehensive 10 years Parts and Labour coverage.

When you need to buy a gas furnace in Ottawa, you can trust our sound advice, and count on a firm gas furnace price, contact the experts at Below Zero Heating & Air Conditioning.

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