Hybrid Hydronic HVAC Systems

Hybrid HVAC Systems Ottawa

Hybrid HVAC Systems Ottawa

Hybrid HVAC Systems use various methods of transferring heating, air conditioning and ventilation to your home. Typically, these types of HVAC systems will include a mix of Radiant Heating, forced air heating and air conditioning, and ventilation, but may also include pool heating and domestic hot water or heating a garage or workshop.

Hybrid heating systems are usually water based, meaning they use a boiler as the main heating source, and use water to transfer heat to various heat exchangers. Water is an excellent medium for transferring large amounts of heat through small piping systems to remote areas, particularly compared to the typical forced air HVAC System.

Pool Heat Exchanger for Hybrid HVAC System

Typical components may include Indirect Water Heaters, Radiant Heating, Hydronic Air Handlers, Pool or Spa Heating, Snow Melt Systems or Unit Heaters. In some cases, even different buildings can use the same heating source.

Where are Hybrid HVAC Systems Typically Used?

NTI Matrix - Integrated Mechanical SystemHybrid HVAC systems are typically installed in larger homes where conventional furnace and ductwork systems may not be the most practical solution. The often include situations where heating and air conditioning of various areas requires zoning, or there is a desire to incorporate radiant heating, or heating of spaces such as a garage. Hybrid HVAC systems are extremely flexible and allow even efficient distribution of heating and air conditioning with reduced space requirements. The hydronic system allows for much better distribution of heating, making for a much more efficient and reliable overall HVAC system. HVAC Systems like the NTI Matrix, incorporate up to 5 functions into one unit.

Hybrid HVAC System Boilers

Trinity-LX-Boiler-OttawaBoilers used in Hybrid HVAC Systems may also vary gas rates as well as water temperatures in order to burn only the energy required to provide heating to the space. This allows the HVAC system to adjust operation according to the demands of weather as well as other fluctuations in daily demand.

These boilers allow for customization of just about every aspect of operation, allowing us to provide a set up with the very best efficiency for the requirements to the home.

All Hybrid HVAC Systems start with a preliminary consultation, and we work closely with architects and home owners to provide a design that meets the requirements of the home.

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