Vanee Residential Air Exchangers – Ottawa

Ventilation and filtration for a better quality of life!

With homes in Ottawa being sealed up tight all winter, Good ventilation has never been more important. It just makes sense to recover the heat energy in the home as you ventilate for comfort and health. Proper ventilation is now part of the building codes and renews the air of the house at a controlled rate. Good heat recovery air exchangers, along with filtration of this air will significantly reduce the presence of pollutants and thereby reduce the risk of disease, while saving on energy costs.

 VigörTM Series Air Exhangers

Vanee Vigor Series Residential Air ExchangersThe Vanee Vigör Series is is ideal for homes limited by small spaces. And more than anything, you deserve air quality and ventilation. The VigörTM Series residential Air exchangers are the ideal choice for small spaces because they are compact, powerful and affordable.

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Vanee Bronze Series Air Exchangers

HRV-60H-200When you need mechanical ventilation system that is cost effective, reliable and complies with new residential construction building codes. Vanee air exchangers from the BRONZE Series offer great value.  for With over 15 years of continuous improvements The BRONZE Series offers all the sustainability and reliability of the vänEE line of products.

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Vanee Gold Series Air Exchangers

Vanee Gold Series Residential Air ExchangersVanee Gold Series offers unparalleled efficiency while ensuring high quality clean indoor air. The Vanee Gold Series is ideal for home renovations, custom-built homes, or retrofit applications. Vanee Gold Series Air Exchangers offer a complete solution to reduce excess humidity and expel pollutants in your home.

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High Efficiency Series Air Exchangers

Vanee High Efficiency Air Exchangers - OttawaAir exchangers from the Vanee HE Series offer high efficiency performance that is ideal for  the cold climate in Ottawa. These High Efficiency air exchangers are the strongest and most powerful residential ventilation exchangers on the market.

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