Air Conditioning – Care & Maintenance


Common Air Conditioning Maintenance Issues

Important Maintenance of Evaporator Coils

Air Conditioning Evaporator Coils Act Like Filters Too!

The most common problems with air conditioners are a result of Dirty Evaporator Coils. These are usually out of sight, in your duct-work, so are often overlooked as an air conditioner maintenance item.  Symptoms of a dirty Evaporator Coil are often mistaken for low or improper refrigerant levels, but dirty coils can also be a source of mould and mildew when not proper air conditioning maintenance is overlooked. The outdoor Condensing Coils are often more visible, and in is an easy air conditioner maintenance item. These can be cleaned using a simple garden hose in most cases. Many factors can contribute to your system operating less efficiently than it should. An inefficient system means higher energy bills. These can result in the compressor working harder than it should, reducing the life span of your Air Conditioner or Heat Pump.

Proper Air Conditioner Maintenance

Dirty Furnace Filters - Important Air Conditioner Maintenance

Does Your Filter Look Like This?

With proper air conditioner maintenance, most air conditioners or heat pumps should last about 15 years. Higher quality, properly installed units can last much longer. You can follow a few simple air conditioner maintenance  steps to ensure you benefit from the longest life span, and keep your system operating:

  • Check all hose connections for leaks, and make sure the condensate drain tube is draining freely.
  • Ensure your filters are clean. A better quality air filter is best, and the frequency of required filter changes will vary.
  • Air Conditioner Too Close

    Many Air Conditioners are installed too close to the house, blocking air flow

    Ensure the outdoor Condensing Unit is clear of obstructions. a good rule of thumb is to keep things like plants and shrubbery at least 2 ft. away to ensure adequate airflow. An Air Conditioner, improperly installed too close to the house, can be a big problem too.

  • Dirt and dandy lion fluff, among other things, will buildup on the outdoor Condensing Unit Coils. This can be cleaned using a garden hose. if this is not freely visible, due to protective louvers, make a point of checking it periodically. this can normally still be cleaned by spraying water through the louvers.
  • Keep furniture and drapes away from registers.
Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance in Ottawa, Ontario

Other important air conditioner maintenance measures are best handled by a professional. Even if there is no obvious issue, you should consider having a professional inspection done once a year to identify early signs of trouble and keep your system is running as efficiently as possible.

Below Zero Heating and Cooling, in Ottawa, Ontario, offers air conditioner maintenance packages that can do this for you automatically. With an annual maintenance plan, there is no need for you to remember. Simply contact us to set up a plan and we will call you when your air conditioner maintenance is due.